This course is designed and structured for people of all abilities to learn the ancient art of faux natural stone  effect paint techniques and to be comfortable using the paints and glazes used to master them. You will be introduced to acrylic scumble glazes and colourants, which are very easy to use and often, now used in conservation and restoration projects. The online courses have been designed by Simon Nobs, Director of Snobs Interiors Ltd., with over 30 years experience working as a specialist interior decorator and designer. The lessons will begin with a short video outlining the history of some of the different faux natural stone paint effects. You will learn how and why these techniques have been used in the past and how they can be used to great effect in all sorts of projects today. You will be given a detailed explanation of the correct use of primers and basecoats to be applied to a variety of surfaces and we will then move on to prepare and basecoat the sample boards. Then you will be guided through the different stages used to create a professional looking faux malachite stone paint effect, and shown the correct use of varnishes to protect your work. 

The  structure and layout of the course is designed to be easy to follow and is packed with all the information you need to achieve amazing results. You will discover plenty of tips and tricks along the way with videos, slideshows and downloadable data sheets. There will also be a members area for you to trade ideas with fellow students and the opportunity to put any questions related to the course directly to Simon.